HSL-3 Heavy-Duty Anchor

The Hilti HSL-3 Heavy Duty Anchor is a torque-controlled expansion bolt designed for high performance in static and dynamic application including the tension zone of concrete structures where cracking can be expected. HSL-3 anchors are available in metric sizes from M8 (5/16”) to M24 (1”). With a variety of head configurations, including bolt, stud and torque cap. All versions are available in zinc-plated carbon steel.

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Product Features

  • High tension and shear load capacity.
  • Force-controlled expansion which allows for follow-up expansion.
  • ETA Option 1 for cracked & uncracked concrete, ICC-ES/AC 193 for cracked & uncracked concrete including seismic.
  • Suitable for dynamic loading including fatigue, seismic and shock. Suitable for diamond cored holes (with Hilti DD EC-1).
  • Wide range of sizes and configurations for multiple applications. Extensive program of specials available. Extensive range of approvals and technical back-up.
  • Collapsible black plastic section prevents anchor turning in hole during setting and ensures reliable clamping of part fastened to overcome gaps.
  • Sleeve with embedment mark.
  • Black plastic section stops turning in hole during setting and collapses for a flush baseplate-to-surface fit.
  • Extensive program of specials available.
  • Extensive range of approvals and technical back-up.

Guide Specifications

  • Expansion Anchors: Carbon steel anchor consists of hex head bolt (threaded stud), sleeve, expansion sleeve, expansion cone, collapsible plastic sleeve, (nut) and washer. Anchors shall be torque controlled expansion bolt as manufactured by Hilti, Inc.

Material Specifications

  • Carbon Steel Bolt or Threaded Rod for HSL-3 (Bolt), HSL-3 (Stud) and HSL-3-B conform to DIN EN ISO 898-1,Grade 8.8, fy > 93 ksi
  • Carbon Steel Nut conforms to DIN 934, Grade 8, fu > 116 ksi
  • Carbon Steel Washer conforms to DIN 1544, Grade St37, fu > 100 ksi
  • Carbon Steel Expansion Cone conforms to DIN 1654-4, fu > 80 ksi
  • Carbon Steel Expansion Sleeve (M8-M16) conforms to DIN 10139 and (M20-M24) conforms to DIN 2393-2
  • Carbon Steel Spacing Sleeve conforms to DIN 2393 T1, fu > 100 ksi
  • Collapsible Sleeve is made from acetal polyoxymethylene (POM) resin